our hospital, our stories Our Priorities: Patient Privacy, Safety, and Dignity

Safe acute patient care must be a priority for the Alberta Government. Read more about what is at risk at the Royal Alexandra Hospital due to ageing infrastructure. 

Did You Know

84% of the 502 inpatient rooms in the Royal Alex main treatment centre are four bed units. Often a fifth bed is needed during very busy times. These rooms compromise patient dignity, patient safety and patient privacy.

What Are the Risks?

Aged-out infrastructure no longer meets the basic requirements to provide acute care for patients --many of whom are very ill. Imagine sharing a room with four or five other people -- of mixed genders.

Imagine the confined space. If you were a patient in this situation, think about how such a confined space would negatively impact:

Your Privacy

How is it possible for you  to have a private conversation with your doctor, your spiritual care provider, or a member of your family in a situation like this?

Your Dignity

How is it possible to preserve your dignity when your share one bathroom with other patients -- or if you require a commode.

Your Safety

Healthcare teams at the Royal Alexandra Hospital work incredibly hard -- and the ongoing vigilance and workarounds to keep you and others safe from the spread of infection are even more challenging when up to five very sick people share one common space.  Beds can be less than three feet apart.

What Can You Do to Help?

Lend your voice by contacting the Minister of Health and your Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Alberta and share with them your support for the rebuild of the Royal Alex. Click here to download a PDF statement to attach to your email to the Minister. 

Find your MLA's contact information here. If sending an email use this downloadable PDF as an attachment.