Our Causes

  • Advancing Women's Health Research

    Closing the gaps in women’s health by raising awareness, supporting and guiding research, breaking biases, and collaborating with partners. Support women across Alberta and beyond by supporting the AWHF.

  • Expanding the Allard Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Clinic

    Expanding the Allard HBOC Clinic would reduce lengthy wait times, improve staff and patient support, and expand research capabilities for all those Albertans facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

  • Indigenous Cultural Partnership

    Supporting a five-year pilot program that will advocate for and seek to establish a reconciled model of medicine for Indigenous peoples who seek care at our hospital.

  • COVID-19. Our frontline providers need your support.

    Supporting the needs of frontline healthcare workers as they face down a pandemic.

  • Priority Needs

    Supporting the heart and soul of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

What's Happening

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