our hospital, our stories Honour Roll 2017 - A Celebration of our Donors

Honour Roll is a celebration of community support of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

Each year Honour Roll serves as a celebration of you - our donors. This year’s Honour Roll provides a new look at how we recall the success of a year gone by; and how we applaud all of you who made it possible.

For more than twenty years the Royal Alexandra Hospital has been waiting for a major government infrastructure investment. The wonderful announcement of a new building for Child and Adolescent Mental Health in this years provincial budget has paved the way to move the Royal Alex forward.

2016 and early 2017 marked some incredibly important moments for the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, and for the future of patient care in the province of Alberta.

Thousands of public comments and requests to the government were made calling for the Alex to be a top priority for health infrastructure. Thank you to all of you who raised your voice in support of the rebuild of the Alex.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is the place where many Edmontonians were born - including me. I believe Edmonton cares about the Royal Alex, and in turn our foundation cares about Edmontonians.

We hope you will enjoy both publications and we look forward to continuing to celebrate the difference your donations make possible.


Andrew Otway, MBA, CFRE
President and CEO
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

Honour Roll 2017