our hospital, our stories By the Heart, By the Numbers - The 2016-17 Annual Report

Each day at the Royal Alexandra Hospital hearts and minds are touched by the incredible patient-centred care that happens here. Care and caring are certainly alive and well.

The pages that follow share a small sample of the stories that unfolded within the walls of the hospital over the past year and an ample selection of impactful numbers; numbers that have stories to tell. 

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation’s 2017 Annual Report brings with it stories of impact today, and of impact for the future. These stories are important to our donors and are important to the families served by this incredible centre of medical excellence.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and as Associate Zone and Co-Facility Medical Director of the Royal Alexandra Hospital we are touched each day by the stories we hear, and those we witness first-hand.

There is strength in storytelling and strength in numbers. We hope you will sense the power and influence these stories and numbers bring to our foundation and to the medical centres of excellence we support on the pages that follow. Please dive into and enjoy, the 2017 Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation's Annual Report, By the Heart, By the Numbers.


Andrew Otway, President, and Chief Executive Officer Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation


Dr. Curtis Johnston, Co-Facility Medical Director Royal Alexandra Hospital Associate Zone Medical Director Royal Alexandra Hospital & Sturgeon Community Hospital