Stories With VisionVision Health Month 2024

Posted on: May 01, 2024

In honour of Vision Health Month, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible work happening at the Eye Institute of Alberta. 

In 1996, all eye and vision services in the Edmonton area gathered under one roof at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, which then became the proud home of the only hospital-based eye treatment centre in northern Alberta, aptly named the Eye Institute of Alberta (EIA).  

From the treatment of simple eye conditions and infections to the diagnosis and care for critical disorders that cause blindness, the EIA is where patients find the support they need.  

This May—Vision Health Month—we want to share more about the impact our donors have had at this centre of eye health excellence to inform and inspire our donor community. 

Previously, donor support has helped acquire the CLARUS 700 Ultra-Wide Imaging Camera, a vision- and life-saving state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that promises ease and comfort for many patients. Donors have also helped bring a new fundus camera to the Royal Alex’s campus, which has enabled an interdisciplinary team of emergency doctors to detect ocular strokes earlier and deliver more vision-saving treatment and diagnoses, via a new ocular stroke pathway.  

These new pieces of equipment, and of course the expertise of our ophthalmologists, help to provide the high level of compassionate care the EIA’s reputation is built on, and it is our donor community that made it all possible.  

More recently, through inspiring generosity, the Institute has acquired a cutting-edge ocular ultrasound platform, called ABSolu, that redefines diagnosis and treats eye ailments, another stride in innovation that is making a difference every day for the patients who need it most. 

As we step into another Vision Health Month in 2024, we are looking at the opportunity to evolve these systems of care even further and we are inspired by the goals laid out by our recently named Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation Research Chair in Ophthalmology, Dr. Edsel Ing: 

“Under my leadership we will champion patient care and physician wellness, advance translational ophthalmology discovery, and continue the Eye Institute of Alberta’s trajectory as a leading ophthalmology residency program in North America. It is with the support of our donors that we will focus on equity, diversity and inclusion via two ophthalmic technician scholarships for local and northern Alberta Indigenous or under-represented minorities and establish a network of sister eye hospitals throughout the world. You can rest assured that your contributions will support excellence in eye care not only here in Edmonton, but far beyond our city and provincial borders as well.”  

The EIA treats tens of thousands of patients every year, and with your support this month, we can make even larger strides in vision health. From the provision of tools to aid in the early detection of eye disease to funding treatments that allow for the prevention of permanent visual impairment and blindness, donors will provide a clearer future for all! 

Please donate generously today!