Legacy Giving

Tending to Tomorrow

You can make a lasting impact on healthcare for future generations through a legacy gift in your will.

A legacy gift to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation means programs, equipment, and research at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and its centres of excellence – CK Hui Heart Centre, Eye Institute of Alberta, and the Lois Hole Hospital for Women – will have important resources now and into the future. A gift in your will could also support the 160 women’s health researchers funded through contributions to the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation.

Tending to tomorrow starts with small actions today. Think of a legacy gift as planting a seed for the future. The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation greatly appreciates this gesture of generosity and commitment to improving the health of all Albertans. Together, we can create a world where outstanding healthcare continues to flourish.

The Royal Willow Society - A Growing Group of Givers

The Royal Willow Society was recently established to honour donors who have left a gift in their will to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. As one of the earliest members of the Royal Willow Society, your generosity will be celebrated in a way that will ensure your gift will never be forgotten – our way of saying welcome to our community of legacy giving.

"A society grows great when people plant trees under whose shade they know they shall never sit."

Greek Proverb

Peace of Mind for Today, Benefits for Tomorrow

There are many great reasons to consider including a legacy gift to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in your will:

You immediately become a member of our Royal Willow Society. It is our way of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’ to our growing community of Legacy Giving – members receive special recognition via our donor wall, personalized insight into the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation’s work, behind-the-scenes tours, and networking opportunities.

The causes you care about now can continue to receive support in the future. The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation can help ensure that your will is worded correctly to clarify your intentions for the gift.

Your generosity may spark others to make their own commitment. And, it shows healthcare and research professionals their work does not go unnoticed.

One of the financial benefits of a legacy gift is that it offsets estate taxes, allowing you to provide for your loved ones and a cause you care about.

A Growing Network of Legacies

Creating a legacy gift is a very personal choice. Just as every individual is unique, so are the reasons for donating in this way — from benefiting the health of future family members, to supporting a program that provided much-needed care, to making a difference in one's community.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation is grateful to donors who have considered tending to tomorrow with a legacy gift. Here are a few who have chosen to become part of an important network of legacies.

A Cause Close to Her Heart -

Mary Anne Komaran

Not only did Mary Anne Komaran give her time to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in the hospital's Social Work Unit, she also left an incredible legacy when she passed away — a $1.375 million gift to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

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Inspiring Others to Give -

Kasey Kozak

When Kasey Kozak shared the story of his legacy gift plans with the donor community of the Royal Alexandra Hospital, he didn’t know how many people’s lives he would touch.

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Giving Back -

Thomas & Melanie Nakatsui

After the Royal Alexandra Hospital gave the Nakatsui family peace of mind, they gave back. Thomas and Melanie Nakatsui have decided to leave a legacy gift for the Royal Alexandra Hospital in their will.

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Building Family Pride -

Norman Rousseau

When Norman Rousseau passed away, he left a legacy gift through his will. Through just one powerful gesture, he touched the lives of so many and brought a new sense of pride to his family.

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Plan Tomorrow's Future Today – Write Your Will

Drafting a will can seem overwhelming, but taking that first step is always the most important. The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation is pleased to offer safe, secure, and free-to-use software to help you get started. Simply click the link below, and the Willfora program will guide you through each step and you can save your progress as you go! We of course recommend also seeking professional advice before finalizing.

Seeds of Knowledge - Learning from the Experts

Watch these videos to learn more about the impact of legacy giving and what you need to know if you're considering this generous step.

What's in a Will?

Presented by: Crista Osualdini (McLennan Ross – Estate, Trust and Taxation)

Navigating Taxes

Presented by: Dana Rittenhouse (KRP – Manager, Estates and Trusts in Taxation)

Choosing an Executor/Executrix

Presented by: Stephanie Tsui (Scotiabank – Estate and Trust)

A Donor's Perspective

Presented by: Lisa Diamond (Donor, Volunteer, Member – Lois Hole Hospital Women’s Society)

Where to start?

To arrange a confidential discussion about how we can assist you, or to obtain further information about the Royal Alexandra Hospital, the Foundation and its programs, please contact Andrew Otway. We hold all inquiries in strict confidence. Any expression of interest or request for information will not obligate you to make a bequest or other planned gift.

If you would like to get started on writing a will, simply click the link below to visit our dedicated Willfora page. The free-to-use software will guide you through each step and you can save your progress as you go!


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