Our Hospital, Our StoriesAn Incredible Legacy

Posted on: May 10, 2018

For more than 40 years, Mary Anne Komaran made it her mission to help those who needed it the most, not only did Mary Anne give her time, she also left an incredible legacy when she passed away - a $1.375 million estate gift to the RAHF.

Working with a close-knit team in the Hospital’s Social Work unit—which now numbers some forty full-time and part-time professional, administrative and support staff—Mary Anne and her colleagues quietly attended to the needs of patients and their circles of family and loved ones. This included those patients in pressing personal and financial need. And Mary Anne’s concern for those patients extended to the point of discharge from the Hospital and sometimes beyond.

“Mary Anne’s compassion for disadvantaged patients was remarkable. No matter what the circumstances, she always wanted to do more for people—and she did, time after time. She inspired us all with her energy, generosity, and passion for life,” says Christine Whitford, Manager of Allied Health, Alberta Health Services, who worked with Mary Anne for more than 20 years.

Mary Anne’s warmth, empathy, and personality are legendary at the Royal Alexandra Hospital—and they were matched by her ‘round-the-clock’ commitment to patient care. A colourful character, Mary Anne was famous for her stylish fashion sense, for being an avid dancer, and for being someone who simply loved life. Her dedication and commitment touched the lives of hundreds of people throughout her remarkable career. 

As legendary as she was in life, Mary Anne left an incredible legacy when she passed away in 2013. A $1.375 million estate gift was bequeathed to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation to help fund the comprehensive and compassionate social assistance that she championed for many years.

For further information about the needs of the Hospital, and the legacy giving program, including sample wording for making a gift in your will, please click here.