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Posted on: Jun 26, 2017

Mary Anne Komaran, Kasey Kozak, and Thomas and Melanie Nakatsui have all generously made the decision to give a gift to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, in the form of a bequest.

Mary Anne Komaran spent over 40 years helping patients at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. She was dedicated to serving others and worked with the hospital's Social Work Unit, attending to the needs of patients. But not only did Mary Anne give her time, she also left an incredible legacy when she passed away - a $1.375 million estate gift to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

Mary Anne’s warmth, empathy, and personality are legendary at the Royal Alexandra Hospital—and they were matched by her ‘round-the-clock’ commitment to patient care. Her dedication and commitment touched the lives of hundreds of people throughout her remarkable career.

“Thanks to Mary Anne’s generosity, we are able to go further with exceptional
patient care at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Mary Anne certainly
made an impact with her decades of social work at the Royal Alex, and the
thoughtful legacy she has built will ensure that she continues to have an impact
for years to come.” - Andrew Otway, President and CEO of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

Kasey Kozak, a longtime friend of the Foundation, generously named the Royal Alexandra Hospital in his estate plans. Through this donation, Mr. Kozak's legacy at the Royal Alexandra Hospital will live on.

"When you support healthcare, you support the entire community and help many people, so it was a good choice for me to name the Royal Alexandra Hospital as the beneficiary in my will." - Kasey Kozak

Kozak's generosity has also inspired other members of the community to make the Royal Alexandra Hospital a beneficiary in their own estate plans.

Following in Kozak's footsteps, Melanie and Thomas Nakatsui have also decided to leave a gift for the Royal Alexandra Hospital in their will.

Thomas and Melanie Nakatsui are already great supporters of the Royal Alexandra Hospital. They have a daughter, Natalie, that is ten years old, but before they had Natalie, Melanie was pregnant but had a stillbirth. This traumatizing event made Melanie and Thomas hesitant to have another child, but they continued to try. With success, and reassurance found at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, they had Natalie. Through Natalie's childhood, Thomas and Melanie continued to get more involved in the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Melanie is a board member of the Foundation, a co-chair of the newly founded Lois Hole Hospital Women's Society, and her and her husband are very involved in events put on by the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. Thomas and Melanie have also left a legacy in their will for the foundation.   

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