The Eye Institute of Alberta is the proud home of the only hospital-based eye treatment centre in northern Alberta, treating conditions from simple infections to disorders that cause blindness. 

The Institute is also internationally recognized for its work in ophthalmology research. As the home to the University of Alberta's Department of Ophthalmology, it is also a clinic that provides valuable experience for medical doctors training to become ophthalmologists.

Always aiming to improve care, outcomes and experiences

Thanks to donors, the Eye Institute of Alberta is the only institute in Alberta with a CLARUS 700 Ultra-Wide Imaging Camera, a vision- and life-saving state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that promises ease and comfort for many patients. Also thanks to donors, funds were raised to bring a new fundus camera to the Royal Alex’s campus, enabling an interdisciplinary team of emergency doctors to detect ocular strokes earlier and deliver more vision-saving treatment and diagnoses, via a new ocular stroke pathway.

These cameras, and of course the expertise of our ophthalmologists, help provide the high level of compassionate care for which the Eye Institute of Alberta is known.

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