Board Nomination Process

Thank you for your interest in the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. The following information will provide insight into the recruitment processes of board members and, also, the community volunteers who serve on subcommittees of the board. 

A Board of Governance 

The Board of Directors of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation (RAHF) is a board of governance. The board approves the organization’s strategy, set by the President and Chief Executive Officer, that charts the course for success and enables the foundation to fulfill its mission of inspiring community support for the Royal Alexandra Hospital and its medical centers of excellence.  

Board members are enthusiastic about improving healthcare outcomes and understand the important role of charitable and philanthropic investment in our health system. The board does this effectively through its governance, endorsement of strategic planning, financial accountability, fundraising, and outreach. Board members are volunteers who bring with them a plethora of perspectives, professional experiences, and subject matter expertise. As part of its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity, the goal of the Foundation is a governance structure that reflects the communities we serve. Board members are philanthropic, supporting the mission of the foundation through their own capacity or that of their networks.  

Board structure and time 

The board is comprised of no fewer than five (5) and no more than twenty (20) voting members and ex-officio members which include representatives from the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Alberta Health Services (AHS). 

Board directors serve two (2) three-year terms, for a total of six years.  Up to an additional four years is allotted for those directors who serve in the officer role(s) of Vice-Chair (1 year), Chair (2 years), and Past Chair (1 year). 

Generally, members are asked to serve on one of four subcommittees of the board: Governance Committee; Finance, Audit + Risk Management Committee; Investment Committee; Communications + External Relations Committee.  Outside of these, there is also the Harvest Celebration Committee, Lois Hole Hospital Women’s Society (LHHWS), and opportunities to serve on various fundraising campaigns and special projects. 

Time Commitment 

Serving as a board member is both a challenging and a rewarding volunteer commitment. While board service is an honour, it requires a significant commitment of time. Board members can expect to dedicate time each month to RAHF service, with an increase in intensity during bimonthly board meetings or during events season. Board members are expected to commit adequate hours to Board service per year in addition to preparing for and attending the six (6) board meetings and participating in and supporting RAHF events year-round, such as the annual Harvest Celebration Gala. 

Recruitment and Orientation 

Generally, candidates for potential recruitment to the board are identified through affiliations with current board members – though successful candidacy is not limited to this structure. Anyone who is interested in serving may contact the Foundation and provide the following: 

  • CV or resume 
  • Letter of Interest 

We invite all interested applicants to apply. 

The Governance Committee assesses the skills, expertise, and experience of the existing board to identify current needs and ensure alignment with potential candidates. Candidates are evaluated, selected, and recommended for nomination to the board of directors at its AGM in June. 

Newly appointed directors begin their term in June with an onboarding period over the summer and fall. During this time, the Governance Committee Chair and the CEO will meet with the successful candidates to plan their committee and volunteer commitments for the coming year. 

Community Volunteers | Board Committees 

The Board of Directors performs their advisory and oversight function through well-structured, planned, and assigned committees, which takes advantage of the expertise of directors and selected Community Volunteers. Committee members address relevant issues and make recommendations to the entire board for final approval. Community Volunteers do not have any oversight responsibilities outside of their respective committees.  

Some Community Volunteer members have transitioned to Board Directorship after successful committee appointments.  

If you would like to be part of a dynamic and dedicated volunteer Board that will help forge the future of healthcare in Alberta, please apply in writing.

Please include your CV with your qualifications, experience, and the names of three references to: 

Kelsea Laurence – Board Liaison Officer 
c/o Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation 
10240 Kingsway NW, Edmonton AB T5H 3V9 
Email: [email protected]