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To say that Albertans who purchase Full House Lottery tickets positively impact health care in Edmonton would be the understatement of the year. In fact, more than $60 million has been raised for the Royal Alexandra Hospital and the University of Alberta Hospital in the past 20 years, making Full House Lottery and the people who play it directly responsible for incredible advancements that have saved thousands of lives.

“There isn’t one corner of the Royal Alexandra Hospital or the University of Alberta Hospital that hasn’t been touched by this lottery,” says Sharlene Rutherford, Vice President of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.  “Each year our two partnering Foundations introduce a new technology, program, or expansion to the care our hospitals provide and Albertans respond enthusiastically – and we are so very grateful for their support.”

The 2014 edition of Full House Lottery was no different – this time squarely focused on the introduction of new technologies to Edmonton, bringing advancements not currently available. For the University of Alberta Hospital, Gamma Knife technology will remove life-threatening brain tumours with low dose beams of radiation, meaning no incision, no risk of infection, no pain, and even no need for head-shaving. At the Royal Alexandra Hospital, proceeds from Full House 2014 support the purchase of a da Vinci Robotic Surgical System at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women – a first in Canada for women’s gynecological cancer surgeries, offering a new level of precise surgical care for women with cancers of the uterus, cervix and endometrium.

Thank you, Full House Lottery ticket purchasers! You are growing health care excellence in our city for all Albertans.



Inner City Health and Wellness

When you’re dealing with patients from Edmonton’s inner city, it requires a different approach and a different mindset.

When someone arrives at our Emergency Department with a broken arm, we will obviously do our best to help them. But what if they broke their arm because of addiction or homelessness? Helping someone deal with the bigger issues that caused their broken arm will ultimately help them more than just the fracture treatment.

Our challenge is that we have a “revolving door” syndrome that sees many patients come back to the Royal Alex’s Emergency Department time and time again. We want to stop that revolving door.

That is what the Inner City Health and Wellness Program is all about. Our goal is that when they knock at our door, we are able to show them to the right door – to offer help with addictions, mental health conditions, brain injuries, or unstable housing.

By engaging a different approach to these high risk patients, we have the opportunity to provide them with the services that they really need. By doing things differently, we have an opportunity to find better, long-term solutions to these very significant health issues.

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Build A Legacy

A gift to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in your will supports healthcare for the entire community.

Community support builds great hospitals and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation receives generous donations, including bequests, from across Alberta and beyond.

Bequests and planned gifts are an inspired way to help ensure that the Royal Alexandra Hospital has the resources it needs to provide exceptional and compassionate patient care when it matters most, now and in the future.

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