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Thank You, Alberta!

Thank You Alberta! Full House Lottery

Thank you Alberta for making Full House Lottery 2015 a resounding success.

The grand prize winners were announced during a live draw on CTV Edmonton on June 25. The Grand Prize winners were Donald Lees from Edmonton, Angela Mash from Edmonton, and Shannon Eskiw from Sherwood Park. The incredible 50/50 prize of $1,065,497 went to Barb and Stan Clarke from Edmonton. Congratulations to all of our winners!

For more than 20 years, Full House Lottery has been a great success for the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and their partners at the University Hospital Foundation. The combination of incredible prizes with a great cause is why Full House continues to be Alberta’s favourite lottery.

Besides making our winners' dreams come true, this year's Full House Lottery will help make two medical dreams come true. An incredibly accurate CT scanner called the O-Arm System for the Royal Alexandra Hospital's surgical department and new, state-of-the-art dialysis technology for the University Hospital.


Inner City Health and Wellness Team

When you’re caring for patients from Edmonton’s inner city, it requires a different approach and a different mindset.

When someone arrives at the Royal Alexandra Hospital's Emergency Department with a broken arm, the medical team there will obviously do their best to help them. But what if someone broke their arm because of addiction or homelessness? Helping someone deal with the bigger issues that caused their broken arm will ultimately help them more than just the fracture treatment.

By engaging a different approach to these high risk patients, we have the opportunity to provide them with the services that they really need. By doing things differently, we have an opportunity to find better, long-term solutions to these very significant health issues.

Dr. Karine Meador

Dr. Karine Meador, Assistant Director of the Inner City Health and Wellness Program, speaks to the Edmonton Journal about the innovative and compassionate approach being employed by the team at the Addiction Recovery and Community Health clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

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Build A Legacy

A gift to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in your will supports healthcare for the entire community.

Community support builds great hospitals and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation receives generous donations, including bequests, from across Alberta and beyond.

Bequests and planned gifts are an inspired way to help ensure that the Royal Alexandra Hospital has the resources it needs to provide exceptional and compassionate patient care when it matters most, now and in the future.

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