• CK Hui Heart Centre

    During the 2022-2023

    fiscal year

  • 11,302

    Patient Visits (Stress Tests, Holter Monitors, Arrhythmia)

  • 12,944

    Cases (PCIs, Cardiac Catheterizations, and Device Implants)

  • 3,305

    Inpatient Admissions (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit)

The CK Hui Heart Centre is Western Canada’s high-volume, high-performance heart hospital.

Since 2011, the CK Hui Heart Centre has provided excellence in cardiac treatment to patients in northern Alberta and the Northern Territories, as well as northern Saskatchewan and British Columbia—an area equal to one-third of Canada's land mass. The CK Hui is home to 20 outstanding cardiologists, led by Chief of Cardiology Dr. Benjamin Tyrrell. 

The CK Hui offers staff and patients a complete integration of cardiac services—from intensive care and in-patient care beds, catheterization, and pacemaker labs, to cardiac outpatient clinics. 

Not only does the CK Hui Heart Centre help patients receive the best that cardiology has to offer, it is also an indisputable leader in cardiovascular research, training and innovation in North America.

While the CK Hui provides world-class care to its patients, it simultaneously publishes ground-breaking research cited in national and international academic journals and continues to dedicate resources to training the next generation of cardiologists.

Our cardiologists specialize in angioplasty and device implantation, two of the most innovative and successful forms of treatment. Last year, the CK Hui had over 11,300 visits for Stress Tests, Holter Monitors, Arrhythmia (+Heart Function & Pacemaker clinic), performed nearly 13,000 Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCIs), Cardiac Catheterizations, and Device Implants combined, and saw over 3,300 inpatient admissions.

Named after Chun Keung Hui, the father of former Chief of Cardiology Dr. William Hui, the CK Hui was the first site in Alberta to carry out angioplasty and radial procedures and has established programs aimed at improving Fetal Heart Health, Multicultural Heart Health and Indigenous Heart Health.

Cardiac care improves with each passing yearand the generosity of our donors has driven those advancements.  

Before the CK Hui’s official opening just over a decade ago, the Royal Alex did not have a dedicated cardiac wing. And, the hospital only had five cardiologists. Cardiac care was delivered in different rooms and locations across the hospital, and the desire to treat cardiac patients under one roof compelled Royal Alex physicians and leadership to push for the creation of the CK Hui Heart Centre. Eleven years later, thanks to these leaders and many donors, a variety of cardiac programs and services are administered from the state-of-the-art heart centre in the Robbins Pavilion.

Year after year, we hear countless stories of gratitude for the CK Hui Heart Centre from former patients, such as Charles Park who credits the cardiologists at the CK Hui for saving his life—and inspired him to become a major donor to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

Donors ensure our skilled heart doctors have the right technology for the right patient at the right time. As a result, more than 50,000 people from across the Prairie Provinces receive world-class care each year at the CK Hui Heart Centre. But to remain a Canadian leader requires the continued support of donors—to ensure the most advanced technology is in the hands of our skilled team of cardiologists.

A heart attack is one of the scariest health events one could ever face, but it is also one of the most preventable. Please consider making a gift today to the CK Hui Heart Centre. The life you save could be your own.

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