Patient and Provider Experience Summit 2024

The Royal Alexandra Hospital's Patient and Provider Experience Office presents:

2024 Patient and Provider Experience Summit "Happiness: An Inside Job"

Proudly supported by the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, this exciting one-day event is for all healthcare workers, including front line staff, physicians, administration, leadership, and volunteers. 

The Summit will focus on promoting well-being, motivation, and happiness which in turn will boost self-confidence, and inspire personal and professional growth. 

Attendees will explore joy practices and actionable ways to foster a positive mindset through the diverse perspectives of the speakers. The presenters will share their success stories, offer new ideas, enhance creativity, and help individuals overcome challenges. 

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Event Information

  • Date: May 30, 2024 
  • Time: 07:00 to 16:30 
  • Price: $195.00 
  • Where: Robbins Learning Centre, Royal Alexandra Hospital

Your Summit ticket includes a light breakfast, coffee, tea & beverage options, and a buffet style catered lunch from a local, authentic Greek restaurant, The Little Village.  The day will conclude with the Patient and Provider Experience Awards Presentation and closing networking reception with food and beverages provided. 

Summit Academic Planner

Overall Event Learning Objectives: By the end of this event participants will be equipped to:

1. Recognize the importance of both the Patient and the Provider Experience in the delivery of healthcare and understand its impact on patient satisfaction, communication effectiveness, adherence to therapy, and provider satisfaction.

2. Recognize that patient and provider experience are interdependent.

3. Describe the impact of diversity and inclusion on improving satisfaction and the patient and provider experience.

4. Learn new skills in communication, visualization, and collaboration.

5. Recognize that psychological wellbeing and happiness in the workplace are not mutually exclusive.

6. Identify skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enhance the ability of providers to deliver an excellent patient experience.

7. Develop awareness of the impact that wellness has on the healthcare providers ability to improve both the patient and provider experience.

Summit Speakers

Modeling Diversity: The Transformational Impact of Unrelenting Inclusion with Bean Gill

In this engaging session Bean Gill shares what it was like to grow up in a strict Indian family and a culture that had rigid religious rules. Heavily bullied as a child, her sudden disability was a catalyst that forced her to face trauma head on.

Bean will share her journey to take her health into her own hands, obtain the answers and help she needed, and bravely embracing an 'attitude of gratitude'. Her vast experience, strong background in human connection and positive thinking strategies will guide attendees to overcome adversity, improve self-awareness, limit self-doubt, and inspire individuals to embrace change within themselves and their communities.

More About Bean Gill

In her 20s, Gill was working as an X-ray technologist in a cardiac catheterization lab. But, in 2012, when she turned 30, everything changed. She left an abusive relationship, her dad left her family and, during a trip to Las Vegas, a virus paralyzed her from the waist down. Multiple neurologists told Gill a virus was likely to blame, and she would regain full use of her legs within weeks.

After several months of no progress, Bean was forced to come to grips with her new reality. A once athletic young woman who enjoyed modeling, kickboxing, and weightlifting, she struggled with betrayal by her own body. She couldn't roll over, sit up, or get out of bed without help. She was forced to find her way through an inaccessible society, all the while living with paralysis and learning how to love herself - disability and all.  It was then that Bean took her health into her own hands, seeking out the answers and help she needed to confront her challenges head-on.

Eventually, Gill found her confidence again. She worked to regain movement in her legs and pushed herself to try sports she never would have attempted before being paralyzed. If it wasn’t for the worst year of her life, Gill wouldn’t be who she is today.

Redefine Your Joy: A Joy Session™ Workshop

Jillian Schecher is a Joy + Mindfulness Coach, Author, Speaker and Creator of The Joy Method™. Her session will explore the idea that redefining joy is not just about cultivating a fleeting sense of happiness; it's about aligning our lives with our deepest values and desires. As wellness professionals, physicians and healthcare workers, you have dedicated your lives to the service of others. In this noble pursuit, it's essential not to lose sight of your well-being. And, if you are feeling lost, this session is the call back to yourself.  

This Joy Session Workshop will include a talk and contemplations about what joy means. You will learn the Joy Method™ and practical tools to support you in feeling better. 

There will be a short, guided meditation to return to the heart and inner knowing around how you want to feel, and we will dive into your Joy Based Values - an interactive exercise to support your awareness. You will get clear on what you need to release and expand to feel better in your life and work. Finally, set a 90-day Joy-Based Goal and commit to inspired actions that propel you forward.  

This workshop is an invitation to reflect on what truly matters to you and how you want to feel as you navigate the complexities of your profession and personal life. What brings you a sense of fulfillment and meaning? What ignites your passion and enthusiasm? What feels good for YOU? What do you most desire? This is what we will uncover. 

By reconnecting with these fundamental truths, you can begin to chart a course that feels good from the inside out.   

More About Jillian Schecher

Author of The Daily Joy Journal™ and lead facilitator of The Joy Sessions™, Jillian Schecher is a Joy + Mindfulness Coach whose mission is to empower others to feel better with The Joy Method™ and other practical tools. Jillian believes life is too short to dread the day ahead and her mission is to light up the world from the inside out – TOGETHER. She inspires individuals, teams and communities to begin within and take accountability for Joy which often leads to better work/life balance and increased life satisfaction & well-being.  

Evidence Based Happiness with Dr. Frederick Voon

Sharing lived experiences from both sides of the stretcher. From supporting loved ones through mental health crises to seeing a large number of people struggling with mental health at work every shift. Dr Voon offers practical and concise theory on the science of happiness. 

Dr. Frederick Voon is a Canadian Emergency Physician who decades ago trained and worked at the Royal Alex and is thrilled to be joining us at this year's Summit.

Currently he is working in Victoria, BC, with interests in patient education, information technology, mindfulness in medicine, business, and evidence-based happiness. Currently, Dr. Voon is an executive of the Victoria Emergency Physicians Association and co-President of the South Island Medical Staff Association. Dr. Fred Voon works closely with the Divisions of Family Practice: Transitions in Care with projects including Familiar faces, which provides digital care plans for the most frequent users of local Emergency Departments. 

Additional Sessions

Compassionate Cohesion with Paige Mathison

Join us for "Compassionate Cohesion," a captivating presentation by Paige Mathison, a clinical counsellor and trauma specialist with a rich background that includes experience as a psychiatric nurse and a stand-up comedian.

This session is crafted for healthcare professionals who are keen to deepen their understanding and practice of trauma-informed care within their teams, especially amidst the complex dynamics of the healthcare environment.

This presentation will explore the critical need to recognize and address the personal and human experiences that occur behind the scenes in healthcare, often overshadowed by the demanding professional culture and high expectations.

Paige’s diverse background in both mental health nursing and trauma-informed counseling, combined with her approachable comedic style, promises a presentation that is not only educational but also relatable and engaging. Participants will leave with better understanding of how to cultivate a supportive, empathetic, and trauma-informed environment within their healthcare teams, recognizing the importance of the human experiences that unite them in their shared mission.

Breakout Speakers

  • Community at Work: Do We Still Have a Team? with Kayla Hill, RT
  • Authenticity - Free To Be You with Aneesa Gill
  • Navigating Healthcare Worker Wellbeing with Peter Vermeulen

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Available Funding Opportunities

The Patient and Provider Experience Summit is a wonderful opportunity to build on the skills you already possess, but we understand the cost can be limiting for some. We are happy to provide the following options should you wish to seek funding support.

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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s)

Fredrickson McGregor Education Fund

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Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN’s)

College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta (CRPNA)Education Fund

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Registered Nurses (RN’s) and Nurse Practitioners (NP’s)

Alberta Registered Nurses Education Trust (ARNET)

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Alberta Medical Association – Continuing Medical Education

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Employees of Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH)

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Patient and Provider Experience Awards

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their contributions to the excellence in care provided at the Royal Alex? If so nominate them today!

Here are the awards that are now open for nomination submissions.

  • Quiet at Night 
  • Physician Communication 
  • Medication Administration 
  • Staff communication 
  • Hospital Cleanliness 
  • Excellence in Leadership 
  • Excellence in Mentorship 
  • Excellence in Patient Advocacy 
  • Excellence in Teamwork 

Nominate someone today via this form or by email [email protected].

Winners will be announced and celebrated at the Patient & Provider Experience Summit, May 30th, 2024!

Last day to enter the nomination is May 1st, 2024.