2024 Patient and Provider Experience Summit - Breakout Speakers

Community at Work: Do We Still Have A Team?

Kayla Hill, Respiratory Therapist, RAH Staff Member

There is no doubt that the landscape in healthcare is changing.  From increased workloads, post pandemic fatigue and an age where social media influences people’s perception of the healthcare system, the role of the healthcare worker has never been more vital.   

Are these challenges pushing us together or further apart?  Join us for an honest discussion of the importance of community at work and where we go from here. 

Authenticity – Free To Be You! 

Aneesa Gill, Health Promotion Facilitator with Alberta Health Services Professional Practice and Education Services, Edmonton Zone 

The role of a healthcare worker can be demanding, hectic, and at times, even thankless. It is important to acknowledge that being a healthcare worker is never easy. However, staying true to your patients and your duties are of utmost importance. Authenticity in healthcare means being genuine to yourself in your role as a care provider to your patients every single day. This workshop will provide helpful techniques on how to develop an authentic sense of self while providing care in a busy, demanding setting. 

Navigating Healthcare Worker Well-Being - What is ‘help’, what does it look like, and how do I get it?

Peter Vermeulen, RPN, BScPN, MPN, Professional Practice Consultant, Edmonton Zone Addiction & Mental Health, Alberta Health Services 

In this 45-minute breakout presentation, we will explore the profound impact the last four years have had on healthcare workers, resulting from major events at the local, provincial, and global levels.  The focus will be on foundational knowledge, distinguishing between health and unhealthy strategies, and demystifying points of access.

At the end of the presentation, healthcare workers will have a comprehensive understanding of coping mechanisms, trauma-informed care, and practical steps to access the support they need for personal recovery and well-being. 

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