Our Hospital, Our StoriesMay is Leave a Legacy Month

Posted on: May 11, 2018

May is Leave A Legacy month and is the perfect time to start a conversation with your family, financial advisors, lawyer or favourite charity.


May is Leave a Legacy Month

Leaving a legacy to healthcare can impact future generations in our community and can lessen the tax burden of your estate, leaving more to your family. We want to work with you to understand what you envision and what impact you can have in the community both now and in the future.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and Lois Hole Hospital for Women are grateful for the bequests made to healthcare by individuals.

Visit our A Network of Legacies page to learn more about the amazing individuals that left bequests for the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

For further information about the needs of the Hospital, and the bequests and planned giving program, including sample wording for making a gift in your will, please contact Morrel Wax at (780) 918-8417 or [email protected].