Gifts of Art Program

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation introduces original works of art into the hospital setting to enhance the environment of healing and wellness for patients, staff, volunteers, and all other visitors.  

The Foundation is grateful for each expression of interest in donating art that is made by a member of the community. While each offer is made with the best intentions, art that is selected must enhance and complement the works within the collection, and be consistent and compatible with the tastes that inspired the creation of the collection, both the immediate sense and the long-term benefit to the hospital environment. 

Friends are entitled to receive a receipt for income tax purposes for the appraised value of the work of art they donate. The Foundation processes donations and issues tax receipts. For works valued under $1000.00, the staff coordinator of the Gifts of Art program may be able to verify the value. For works deemed to have been valued at or exceeding $1000.00, an independent appraisal from a member of the Canadian Art Dealers Association is required at the donor’s expense. Foundation staff can supply names of appropriate appraisers for the donor’s convenience.

Framing is another consideration. Works of art should be treated, matted, and framed in a way that complements the existing collection, and meets the security and environmental requirements of the hospital. Works that are offered unframed or inappropriately framed for donation require an accompanying financial gift to cover the cost of framing or reframing. 

From time to time, in consultation and discussion with recognized experts, the Foundation leadership will decide which works in the collection have merit for resale for the financial benefit of the Foundation. The final decision of what proposed donations are accepted into the collection, or may be accepted with the intent to resell for the benefit of the Foundation, will always remain with the leadership of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

For more information, please contact:

Morrel Wax, VP, Fund Development and Stakeholder Engagement
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation
10240 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3V9
Telephone: 780-918-8417 

[email protected]