Our Hospital, Our StoriesThank you Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation for supporting Operation Frontline Impact

Posted on: May 28, 2021

Thanks to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation and enthusiasm around recent 50/50s, EOCF was able to donate $2.2 million to Operation Frontline Impact!

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation recently made the decision to support Operation Frontline Impact, designating proceeds from the Oilers' first two playoff games 50/50's toward the foundations.

While many of us wish the Oilers would have continued further into the postseason, the energy and success of the 50/50s certainly did not disappoint...

We are excited to share that the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation was able to donate $2.2 million to Operation Frontline Impact!

Thanks to the EOCF's generosity and the enthusiasm of all those who participated in the 50/50s, our hospital foundations will be better able to address some of the challenges faced by our heroic frontline workers in our ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Staff at the Royal Alex have acknowledged that healthcare has changed forever, and COVID-19 has led healthcare providers to identify new ways of working and adapting, new equipment, and newfound efficiencies. This massive donation will help our teams carry those learnings forward. 

Thank you Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation!


To continue to support frontline staff and ongoing advancements in healthcare, please consider a donation to the Royal Alex.

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