Our Hospital, Our Stories"Ripples of Gratitude" - Sam From Edmonton, AB

Posted on: Jul 27, 2022

In honour of the outstanding care his father received at Royal Alexandra Hospital, Sam Mraiche made a donation in support of respiratory care to show his gratitude.

At the close of summer 2021, the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation became the recipient of a significant gift from Sam Mraiche and his company MHCare Medical, an Edmonton-based global provider of health solutions.

Mraiche, principal of MHCare Medical, made the donation to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in support of respiratory care at the Royal Alex. It was here that Mraiche’s elderly father received lifesaving care and whose entire family was especially grateful.

Mraiche, who is intimately aware of the additional stressors placed on the health sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, was incredibly grateful for the attentive care his father received at the hospital. 

“My father’s care was a complex one made even more challenging through a language barrier. I was impressed and so grateful for the kindness and compassion that was shown to him and to all patients,” said Mraiche.

Sam Mraiche and his company MHCare Medical wanted to express thanks for the lifesaving work of the hospital and chose to do so through the purchase of new equipment in the hospital’s respiratory care unit. Also benefitting from this donation is the Patient and Provider Experience Office at the Royal Alex Hospital.

The Mraiche family’s story embodies our value of Stewardship which is summarized by our Foundation’s focus on sharing our sincere gratitude. 

We say thank you often, and in many ways. We are intimately aware of the important role gratitude plays in our Foundation. 

When asked about the role gratitude plays in his life Sam shared, “I believe being grateful for everything one has in life is the path to greater abundance. I know my success wouldn’t be possible without the people around me, especially my parents. I give back to those around me and the greater community knowing that generosity and kindness create a ripple effect and make the world a better place.“

Our Foundation is eternally thankful for gifts from grateful patients and their families. Knowing that we have made a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of patients who rely on the Royal Alex each year is the motivation behind all of our work, and we are so thankful that the Mraiche family represents one of those families.

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