Our Hospital, Our StoriesMHCare Medical makes second major donation to support patient care, comfort, and efficiency at the Royal Alexandra Hospital

Posted on: May 05, 2023

News Release: MHCare Medical has recently supported the purchase of four additional ultrasound-guided IV devices at the Royal Alex. Thank you Sam Mraiche and MHCare Medical!


MHCare Medical makes second major donation to support patient care, comfort, and efficiency at the Royal Alexandra Hospital

MHCare Medical has recently supported the purchase of additional ultrasound-guided IV devices at the Royal Alex


May 5th, 2023

EDMONTON, AB—The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation recently became the recipient of a second significant gift from MHCare Medical, an Edmonton-based global provider of health solutions. The $110,000 gift will go toward the purchase of four new ultrasound-guided IV devices to support the hospital’s medicine department. A previous donation of $100,000 supported the hospital’s respiratory care unit—including the purchase of one of these new cutting-edge ultrasound devices—as well as the Patient and Provider Experience Office, a unique department focused on continually enhancing the experience of patients as well as their care providers.

Sam Mraiche, President and CEO of MHCare Medical, was first inspired to donate to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in late 2021, following the compassionate and lifesaving care Mraiche’s elderly father received at the hospital.

Through that initial gift and together observing and discussing the many challenges of the pandemic, MHCare Medical and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation have developed a partnership. The focus has been centred around enhancing patient care and comfort as well as efficiency, at a time when it has been needed most.

“My company MHCare Medical and I understand there is a continuous need to improve patient care, especially during these ongoing challenges with efficiencies in healthcare,” said Mraiche. “My father’s care and the care of all other patients to allow them to be more comfortable during difficult times is an important step in improving healthcare in our province.”

Physicians and unit leaders at the Royal Alex expressed their appreciation for MHCare Medical’s support, and how helpful the additional devices will be.

“We are so thankful to have organizations like MHCare Medical that want to support improvements to patient care in our hospital,” said Liane Wright, Executive Director of the Royal Alexandra’s Medicine unit. “Using ultrasound technology to assist professionals in placing IVs will enhance patient care by decreasing the number of attempts to initiate an IV and reducing delays in treatment while waiting for IV access.”

These devices are not only important for improving care for the many patients who need IV-administered treatment, they will also help in training and educating more physicians on-site and play a critical role in caring for Edmonton’s inner-city population who seek care at the Royal Alex—many of whom have diminished vascular access options from overuse.

“With the additional machines we will be able to expand the use of ultrasound to serve more patients and to give our team the opportunity to learn a new skill,” said Wright. Tim Tsounis, Patient Care Manager in the Royal Alex’s Medicine department, added that the device helps build nursing confidence in starting IVs and helps to identify time-sensitive solutions for care, while also offering the added benefit of, “reducing strain on our Rapid Response Team’s time spent on IV starts, which will allow them to better serve our populations and in turn reduce ICU admissions that can otherwise be avoided.” Tsounis also described the Royal Alex’s Medicine department as a “pioneering” acute care program, one of the very first in the province to endeavour to bring point-of-care ultrasound IV starts to its nursing staff.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation wishes to thank Sam Mraiche and MHCare Medical for their commitment to enhancing patient care and outcomes at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. 

“Healthcare is a technology-driven sector, and innovation only moves forward with strong community support. Mr. Mraiche and his company MHCare Medical are wonderful examples and ambassadors of such support,” said Sharlene Rutherford, President and CEO of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

“These devices will result in much comfort for patients. The anxiety of a difficult IV insertion is something some of us can relate to—as failed attempts can be distressing. The ultrasound-guided IV devices serve to help eliminate this stress—for patient and for care provider.”

Rutherford continued, “It’s been wonderful to watch the Mraiche family grow from patients to donors to special partners who are eager to explore continued collaborations that will further improve care for all Albertans.”





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