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Posted on: Oct 17, 2016

They say good things happen in threes, and that was certainly the case for Royal Alexandra Hospital employee, Stefana Mocanu in 2016.

Full House Lottery Winner Feeling Blessed

Above: Stefana Mocanu and her Jaguar F-Type Convertible, one of the fabulous prizes from the 2016 Full House Lottery. 

They say good things happen in threes, and that was certainly the case for Royal Alexandra Hospital employee, Stefana Mocanu in 2016.

A secretary with the Diagnostic Imaging department, Stefana was happy to publish her first book, Finding Eve, in March. In June, she was overjoyed to celebrate the engagement of her youngest daughter Andra. And then in July she was thrilled to learn that she won a shiny 2016 Jaguar F-Type Convertible as part of Full House Lottery.

“I’m feeling very blessed!” says Stefana.

Besides the personal excitement about her fabulous prize, Stefana also is excited about the benefits Full House Lottery brings to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. There is not a corner of the Royal Alex that hasn’t been touched by Full House. Twenty years of funding from this popular Alberta lottery has resulted in significant facility improvements to the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, the CK Hui Heart Centre, the Orthopedic Surgery Centre, and the Eye Institute of Alberta.

The latest medical technology at the Royal Alex to be funded by Full House is the incredible O-Arm Surgical Imaging System. The O-Arm is designed for use in spine, orthopedic, and trauma-related surgeries. It provides surgeons with real-time, detailed imaging of a patient's anatomy with high quality 3D and 2D images. These live images make surgery easier, quicker and safer.

Stefana MocanuThanks to her role with Diagnostic Imaging, Stefana knew about the benefits of the O-Arm before it arrived at the Royal Alex.

“I still remember the excitement of seeing the O-Arm being delivered,” says Stefana with a smile. “In Diagnostic Imaging, we have to keep up with the latest technology to better care for our patients. Our entire team was so very happy to have this outstanding equipment.”

Stefana got the news about her fabulous Jaguar win after arriving home from a summer vacation. Even though Stefana was a winner don’t expect to see her zooming around town in her new ride any time soon; like many lottery winners, Stefana decided to trade in her expensive prize.

“It’s a fabulous car, but not for our Edmonton winters!” she says with a laugh. “It was a wonderful prize and very exciting to know I had won.”

As a long-time employee of the Royal Alex, Stefana knows first-hand the impact that Full House has on the hospital.

“When I buy a Full House ticket, I am not necessarily hoping to be a winner,” she says thoughtfully. “The prizes are enticing, but I am thinking about the funds that will go towards new equipment, research, and education at the Royal Alex. I know that thousands of patients benefit from Full House money, so I am happy to support it.”

Each year over 100,000 Albertans purchase a Full House Lottery ticket in support of our great hospital. Be sure to get your ticket early next year by following Full House on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Good luck and thank you for your support!