Our Hospital, Our StoriesFull House Lottery to raise funds for hospital elder and family-centred care

Posted on: Mar 10, 2022

The Full House Lottery has launched, meaning Albertans can now support northern Alberta’s two largest hospitals and also win a variety of luxury prizes. Funds will support elder care at the Royal Alex and family-centred care at the University Hospital.


March 10, 2022

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Full House Lottery to raise funds for hospital elder and family-centred care

Patients and families to benefit from improved safety, connection, and peace of mind

Edmonton, AB – The 2022 Full House Lottery is giving Albertans the opportunity to support northern Alberta’s two largest hospitals while being entered to win a variety of luxury prizes – including two breathtaking Grand Prize Homes.

Funds from the lottery will help the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation improve the safety, care and comfort of elder patients and support the University Hospital Foundation’s efforts to redesign an underused hospital atrium into a family-and-patient-focused space.

Enhancing elder care

The 2022 Full House Lottery will support the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation’s efforts to improve the safety and care of senior patients at the Royal Alex, particularly those living with dementia. A ticket purchase will help fund numerous measures that will contribute to a safer, more calming environment, including:

  • the purchase of Wander Guard bracelets, which alert staff with an alarm when a patient with advanced dementia nears an exit;
  • visually-friendly dementia clocks, which include not just the time and date in large, easily-read numbers, but also the day of the week, the year, and other features that cater to the unique needs of patients with dementia or cognitive impairment; and
  • vinyl wrap décor, featuring images of various landscapes to create a more tranquil environment for seniors in acute care.

“By purchasing a ticket to Full House Lottery, Albertans will help us improve the safety, care and comfort of thousands of Albertans who live with dementia, while also investing in measures that will benefit the growing number of patients diagnosed with this terrible syndrome,” said Sharlene Rutherford, President and CEO of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

Dr. Kathy Lechelt, a retired Royal Alex geriatrician and caregiver to an aging parent, knows first-hand how these new measures can ease stress.

“I know that my mother’s own visually-friendly clock helps her reorient throughout the day, especially if she’s just woken from a nap or it happens to be dark outside early, as tends to happen in the winter months,” said Dr. Lechelt. “As a former physician, I’ve also seen how seniors’ time in hospital can be extended due to issues like delirium and falls, or pressure sores. Any solution that can help ease the minds of patients and families during their stay is invaluable.”

Creating a family-centred space

Each ticket purchase will also contribute to the University Hospital Foundation’s redesign of an underused fourth floor atrium at the University of Alberta Hospital.

“This atrium takes family-focused care in a hospital and puts it into practice. It will be where families go for information about their loved one, to meet with the surgeon, receive updates, and to comfort each other,” said Dr. Jodi Abbott, President and CEO of the University Hospital Foundation.

The atrium will feature a new, electronic patient tracking board, which will help families follow their loved one’s progress, via a designated number, as they move from the operating room and into recovery.

“As northern Alberta’s only Level One Trauma Centre, thousands of patients from a catchment area of approximately 2.6 million people are transported from emergency directly into surgery each year, which can be overwhelming for families who are often still trying to piece together the event that brought their loved one to the hospital in the first place,” said Dr. Dylan Taylor, Facility Medial Director at the University of Alberta Hospital. “As a place to gather clear and up-to-date information and a space to relax, the redesigned atrium will give those families peace of mind.”

2022 Prizes:

This year’s glamorous grand prizes include a $2.4 million vibrant, Baja-style home with four bedrooms and six bathrooms, and a $1.6 million mid-century farmhouse, adorned in rich oak and brick features, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The 2022 prize offering includes a Big Bank Bonus Prize, where the recipient can choose between receiving $10,000 a year for 25 years or a one-time $200,000 cash payout; a 

$641,000 Canmore condo; luxury vehicles, including a BMW sports car; and the winner’s choice of a Canadian or international trip with destinations like Vancouver, Ireland, St. Lucia, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Tuscany.

Support your Hospitals:

There are four ways you can buy a lottery ticket:

  • Toll-free at 1-800-441-0465
  • Online at fullhouse.ca
  • Visit the Full House Lottery dream homes, located at 6036 Crawford Drive SW, Edmonton AB
  • By Mail:
    PO Box 2288
    Main Post Office
    Edmonton AB T5J 4W1

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