Stories of HopeAWHF attracting attention in Calgary

Posted on: Apr 07, 2021

Calgary’s 660 News recently interviewed AWHF’s Sharlene Rutherford about the launch of the new foundation.

The launch of the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation—and its campaign to #RefocusThe Research from women’s outer appearances to inner health—has attracted the attention of Calgary’s 660 News.

President and CEO Sharlene Rutherford recently discussed the new foundation’s launch with 660’s transmedia journalist, Devon Banfield.

Click here for the 660 News interview with AWHF’s Sharlene Rutherford

As Sharlene Rutherford said, “This new organization is the first step toward better healthcare for Canadian women and girls,” and we are glad the movement is gaining momentum.

Thank you so much to 660 News for the coverage, and for bringing more awareness to the need to close the gaps in women’s health and women’s health research!

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