OBIX Perinatal Interface System

Lois Hole Hospital for Women 2021

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The OBIX Perinatal System represents:

  • Evolved care for mothers across AB, BC, SK, NT, NU, and the Arctic
  • $1.6 M raised exceeding goal by $500k
  • A new precedent for remote perinatal care

The Challenge

Limited Access to Advanced Perinatal Care in Rural Areas

Women living in rural areas experiencing complex pregnancies often face the added hurdle of reduced access to specialized care, mainly due to geography. In some cases, these women cannot travel to a major hospital in an urban centre for medical, financial, or emotional reasons, which can lead to further health problems for both mother and child without proper care and attention.

Amanda Twidale and her family

The Solution

Problematic Pregnancies Made Easier, with Less Need for Travel

The OBIX Perinatal System allows for centralized digital fetal monitoring, integrating a mother’s medical record with fetus heart surveillance from both bedside and remote medical locations. The technology shares info in real-time with her team of doctors and care providers, and is even accessible via phone/tablet—all that’s needed is a wi-fi connection. This means that, regardless of location, a mother can benefit from the compassionate care of both her local physicians and high-risk pregnancy specialists at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.

“This is a huge development in women’s health care in our province! It means that more pregnant women across Alberta and beyond will be able to rely on the top-quality perinatal care of the Lois Hole Hospital, while also staying close to home and close to their support networks.”
Sharlene Rutherford
President and CEO of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

The Impact

Connecting Mothers to Their Doctors While Keeping Them Closer to Their Families

Thanks to the newly funded OBIX system, more mothers with high-risk pregnancies living outside of Edmonton will be able to connect remotely from their community’s doctor’s office to specialists at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. Their local medical professionals will be able to take advantage of the collaboration and guidance from experts at the Lois Hole Hospital to deliver that care locally when possible, allowing patients to reduce the need for time-consuming trips and spend more time closer to their families. Another bright spot is that AHS has future plans to install an OBIX cart at every doctor’s office with an electric fetal monitor (EFM).


The OBIX campaign was an unabashed, overwhelming success thanks to our incredible donors. The foundation capped off an historic $1.6 M effort by outraising its campaign goal by over $500,000!

A special thank you to: the estate of Amy Yee Mei Yu, Averton Homes (Alberta) Inc.Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., the Cliff Lede Family Charitable Foundation, the estate of Donna Osterhout, donors from both Harvest Celebration 2020 and Full House Lottery 2021, the Lois Hole Hospital Women’s Society, the Robert Tegler Trust, the Roger & Rose Hutlet Legacy FundSave-On-Foods, the St. Albert Community FoundationSyncrude Operated by SuncorTD Bank GroupThe Thatcher Neonatal Care Foundation, the William & Florence Lede Family Foundation, and one extremely gracious anonymous donor!

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