Elderly Care

We need your help!

We’re calling upon our community to help us support and enhance the care of seniors through advances in acute care for elderly patients based on proven new protocols and research to reduce the stress and anxiety of patients.

Through your donations, we will be able to:

  • Create an aesthetically pleasing environment for patients and staff through vinyl wall wrap installations.
  • Purchase visually friendly dementia clocks that will provide our patients with a linear time reference, which helps reduce their stress levels.
  • Provide WanderGuard bracelets that help reduce the number of patients who manage to leave the unit who are at high risk for self-harm.

Make a Difference

Your Donation Will Help Fund

  • Visually Friendly Dementia Clocks: Dementia clocks are digital and include date/year. These clocks use LED lighting with big numbers so dementia patients can easily read them. These clocks will provide linear time reference, which help reduces stress/anxiety in patients with dementia.
  • Vinyl Wall Wrap Installations: Having images like landscape, forest, and beaches will help patients feel more at ease. This will help prevent extreme measures such as being violent or aggressive towards clinical staff members and/or attempt to escape the hospital.
  • WanderGuard Bracelets: This innovative technology will alert staff members when patients are near any exit by sounding an alarm. If a patient gets too close to an exit, doors will automatically close and lock to prevent vulnerable patients from leaving the unit. If a patient does leave, this technology is equipped with a GPS tracking ability which helps staff members to easily locate the patient.