Our Causes

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Supporting one of Western Canada's most dynamic hospitals.

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Lois Hole Hospital for Women

Excellence in patient care for women of all ages and in all stages of life.

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CK Hui Heart Centre

Where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate cardiac care.

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Eye Institute of Alberta

When your eye sight is in jeopardy, the Eye Institute of Alberta is there to help.

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  • Help Bring a PET/CT Scanner to the Royal Alex

    Support for a Royal Alex PET/CT scanner means support for the future of healthcare across the province.

  • Multicultural Heart Health Program

    Uncontrollable factors like age, gender, race, ethnicity and family history all play a role in our cardiac formation.

  • Imagine Being Homeless and Pregnant

    Imagine being homeless and pregnant. Help Us Take the Number of Homeless Pregnant Women in Edmonton from 100 to none.

  • Inner City Health and Wellness

    Providing compassion and a helping hand to some of our city's most at-risk patients.

  • Priority Needs

    Supporting the heart and soul of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

  • Orthopedic Surgery Centre

    Where a new chapter in bone and joint care is taking place at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

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