Gifts of Insurance

Anne Fry is an Edmonton area realtor, and she has been a friend and donor to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation for many years, including support for the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. In consultation with her financial advisor, Anne recently made a generous gift by designating a life insurance policy to the Foundation.

Here’s how it worked: Anne had a life insurance policy that she wasn’t sure she actually needed. After discussion with her financial advisor, Anne decided to donate the policy to the Foundation. In return, the Foundation issued Anne a tax receipt for the cash value of the policy. At the same time, the ownership of the policy was signed over to the Foundation. Anne continues to make the monthly premium payments for which she receives tax credit. When the policy matures, the Foundation will receive the full amount of the policy. 

“I believe very strongly in the Lois Hole Hospital, a wonderful, strong, caring hospital for women. It continues to grow, with so many important programs, and I am privileged to be a small part of its growth.”
Where to Start?

To arrange a confidential discussion about how we can assist you, or to obtain further information about the Royal Alexandra Hospital, the Foundation and its programs, please contact Terry Tobin who leads our Bequests and Planned Gifts Office. We hold all inquiries in strict confidence. Any expression of interest or request for information will not obligate you to make a bequest or other planned gift.

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