Inspiration, Motivation, and the Power of Storytelling: Looking at Things Differently at the Royal Alex

Inspiration, Motivation, and the Power of Storytelling: Looking at Things Differently at the Royal Alex

Leading experts at the Royal Alexandra Hospital are celebrated the importance of empathy, understanding, and communication in healthcare by hosting the inaugural Patient and Provider Experience Summit for their staff and physicians.

Summit - Marvin

The event – a first in Alberta – was sponsored by the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and served to illustrate a hospital-wide effort by care providers that is succeeding at improving the healthcare journey for their patients and the workplace culture for themselves.

Providing financial support for the summit was an easy decision, said Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation President and CEO, Andrew Otway.  “The Foundation is inspired by the leadership at our hospital, the lifesaving work that happens here, and the generosity of our donors who support this work.  We’re excited about the ways in which the summit will inspire and motivate staff and physicians to continue their great work and continue to place the patient and the patient's family at the heart of all they do.”Summit - Spenser

The first keynote for the day Dr. Marvin Washington, University of Alberta Adjunct Professor, author and Ted Talk speaker, led a session about maintaining passion for the daily responsibilities of providing care. Dr. Washington had audience members listening attentively, laughing along with him, and wrapped his presentation with a fantastic analogy asking the audience to "be the thermostat and not the thermometer" in their daily work life. His attendance inspired participants to regulate the passion and commitment in their role at the hospital instead of simply being a reactionary observer.The summit was an incredible success. The afternoon was filled with speakers and examples of not just the patient or caregiver experience, but also the human experience. 

Guest speaker, Spenser Brassard, shared an emotional and personal story about the healthcare journey of her brother Jesse. The story allowed hospital staff members a rare view from the patient and family perspective, that left the audience full of emotion and inspired to make an effort each and every day to ensure compassion is influencing the care they each provide.  

And as the old saying goes, "Laughter is the best medicine," entertainment was provided by local improv comedy troop Rapid Fire Theatre that had the crowd in stitches. Summit - Bartrem

An afternoon of inspiration, motivation, and the power of storytelling was a huge success and plans for next year's summit are already underway. The day wrapped with the second keynote, Richard Bartrem, Vice President of Communications and Community Relations, who shared his knowledge of the importance of a dynamic workplace culture, something that WestJet has built its incredible success on. Richard shared five WestJet "secrets" and stories that had the crowd laughing and learning along with him. Perhaps the biggest eyeopener Richard shared was the insight into the difference between what employers believe motivates their staff and what employees say motivates them. An "ah-ha moment" was shared by all when the fact that employers believe a good wage is number one, was contrasted against employee opinion that it is actually as simple as feeling appreciated by their employer.    

If you weren't able to join next year put November 24 - 25, 2017 on your calendar. It is certain to be another sell-out with Keynote Speaker Dr. Brian Goldman from CBC Radio's "White Coat, Black Art" already confirmed!

Summit - Goldman

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