Alberta's Healthcare Hero

The Royal Alexandra Hospital

What is a hero?

Is it a survivor? Someone who is always running towards the sounds of those in need? 

In 2016, over 70,000 people visited the emergency room at the Royal Alex, more than 40,000 surgeries were performed, and 50,000 Canadians had their eye sight protected. 

The Royal Alexandra is Western Canada’s biggest and busiest hospital, serving more than half a million patients annually. The Royal Alex is a critical piece of health care infrastructure in Alberta. Along with serving all of Edmonton, patients come from across Northern Alberta, the North West Territories and the Yukon receive care that cannot be delivered locally. A major disruption of service at the Royal Alex would send the entire health system into turmoil.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is central to the delivery of health care not only in Edmonton, but to the whole province. After delaying upgrades to the Royal Alex for years, the only option now is redevelopment. 

Thank you for keeping the Royal Alex, Alberta's healthcare hero, top of mind.