• 73,160

    Emergency visits annually

  • 25

    Operating theatres

  • 44,165

    Annual surgeries, the most in the province

  • 69

    NICU beds

Royal Alexandra Hospital

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is many things to many people. It's no wonder that people feel passionate about supporting it.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital serves more than half a million patients each year, and is dedicated to the highest level of patient care, medical excellence, and compassion. Generations of Edmontonians fondly refer to the Royal Alex as "their hospital". That fondness is reflected by the Royal Alex's dedicated medical staff who take great pride in their workplace.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation has been supporting the Royal Alexandra Hospital since 1984. Since that time, we have seen community support for the Royal Alex help transform the hospital in countless ways. Improvements in priority needs, leading-edge medical technology, ground-breaking medical research, training facilities for the next generation of surgeons – there is not a corner of the Royal Alex that hasn't benefited from generous donors like you.

Community support builds great hospitals, and your help ensures that our patients receive the very best of compassionate care and will facilitate continual medical breakthroughs.

Right now at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, our expert healthcare teams need your ongoing support to ensure we continue to provide the very best of care for all who come through our doors.

Did You Know

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is Canada’s leader in robotic surgery. More than 300 robotic surgeries are performed each year at the Royal Alex.

Our Hospital, Our Stories More Than a Mile in Their Shoes

For those facing mental health or addiction, it can be tough to ask for help, but when they do patients must know there is someone there who can say I know what you are going through and I am here for you. Donors to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation are making a true difference by providing support for Peer Support Workers to provide care said at the Addiction and Mental Health Access 24/7 clinic.

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