• April 8, 2010

    Hospital Opening Date

  • 80,000 +

    Outpatient and clinic visits each year

  • 7,500 +

    Babies delivered every year

  • 6,000 +

    Obstetric and gynecological surgeries each year

Lois Hole Hospital for Women

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women provides expert patient care for women of all ages and in all stages of life.

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women offers comprehensive, high-risk obstetrical and maternal care and provides surgical treatment of ovarian, cervical and other gynecological cancers. We are a Canadian leader in new treatments for urogynecologic and pelvic floor disorders and we are proud to place a special focus on the needs of maturing women.

The Lois Hole Hospital also provides clinical-based, innovative research in mental health that is setting new standards in the treatment and care of women with anxiety and depression.

The hospital serves as the centre of excellence for women's health in Canada's northwest and strives to meet the growing demands for women’s health services in central and northern Alberta. 

Having a dedicated women's hospital is not only unique, it's incredibly valuable for research.

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women consolidates specialized services for women under one roof, improving accessibility and quality of care for all those who walk through its doors. The Lois Hole Hospital for Women has also been designed as a place of comfort that includes natural lighting, bright open spaces, and attractive art to make patients and their families as welcome as possible.

My hope is that when people come to this new hospital and see my name they are going to have a little extra hope-that real uplifting hope-that things will turn out okay.

In addition to providing the pinnacle of patient-centred care for women, education and communication also play key roles in the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. Innovative endeavours include a Health Resource Centre, filled with multimedia resources on health and wellness for patients and their families. Telehealth, a video-conferencing technology that promotes collaboration and minimizes travel for patients and health care workers allowing for an international network of information and knowledge. The hospital is also home to Western Canada’s very first simulation centre dedicated to women’s health where important true-to-life training takes place for physicians, nursing students and other health professionals. 
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In celebration of the hospital's 5th year in operation our Foundation was proud to create the a commemorative magazine that marks the hospital’s milestone anniversary: Hope magazine. 

Hope sustains us through illness and ill fortune. Hope allows us to dream of better days to come. And hope is what the Lois Hole Hospital for Women has been bringing to women’s health care in Western Canada for the last five years. 

In the pages of Hope, meet a trio of research chairs who are increasing the depth and breadth of women’s health care, establishing the Lois Hole Hospital for Women as a centre for excellence in clinical care and research that is second-to-none. Tour the hospital, as famous for its attention to detail as it is for its accessibility. And meet some of the clinicians, patients and donors who engage with the facility. 

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Did You Know

There is a network of activated women - the Lois Hole Hospital Women's Society who are passionate about influencing, inspiring, and impacting the future of women’s health advances? Scroll to learn more!

Stories of Hope Low-Tech, High-Touch

Studies show that 40% of women on bedrest for high-risk pregnancies develop symptoms of depression. Find out more about a low-tech, high-touch project funded by the Lois Hole Hospital Women’s Society that is supporting women in their bedrest pregnancy and hopes to reduce the occurrence of depression for patients.

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Announcing the Lois Hole Hospital Women's Society

June 8, 2017

Community support paves the way forward to future excellence. As the needs of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women continue to evolve and grow so, too, does our commitment to ensure it has everything it requires to deliver compassionate care and innovative treatments to all patients: our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our friends, and our selves.

To that end, we invite you to learn more about our network of activated women who are passionate about this special place of hope and healing, and who are motivated to influence, inspire, and impact the future of women’s health advances in our city and province.

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