Intraoperative Robotic Ultrasound for the da Vinci Robot

Improving Outcomes and Allowing for Minimally Invasive Surgery

When a patient requires a surgery to remove a mass from their kidneys at our hospital, the current process requires a physician to base the type of surgery that they are going to complete on an x-ray or ultrasound from an external view. This does not give a very clear picture for where the tumor is located, or the best route to get it removed. This leads to some cases where a patient may undergo a full open procedure, when in fact a minimally invasive procedure would have sufficed.


In order to reduce the amount of open surgeries that are being completed, we are looking to purchase an intraoperative robotic ultrasound that can be used in conjunction with the Da Vinci Robot to provide a laparoscopic ultrasound of the organ to give a much better view of the mass. The ultrasound would require some small incisions, and actually be used inside the patient’s body on the organ.

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Getting this attachment would result in some great benefits for patients and the community in general:

  • Having minimally invasive surgery substantially reduces recovery time. Patients can expect to be leaving the hospital within days (as opposed to weeks) and back working within weeks (as opposed to months)
  • Endoscopic surgery is much quicker, and thus surgeons could do 3-4 surgeries per day, rather than 2-3. This is a capacity increase of around 30%.
  • The potential to use this on multiple different surgeries, and not just kidneys is significant. There are different attachments than can be used for these.

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