Inner City Health and Wellness

“When you see glimmers of the people they were before start coming back to the surface – that sticks with me.”

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation is proud to support the ground-breaking and life-changing work of the Inner City Health and Wellness Program – a new model of care at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Thanks to the forward thinking behind the Inner City Health and Wellness Program, some of Edmonton's most vulnerable patients are getting the assistance they need at the Addiction Recovery and Community Health Clinic (ARCH) at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. ARCH is the clinical component of the Inner City Health and Wellness Program - a small clinic that is having a big impact.

“Nine years ago when I did my residency, I volunteered in some of Edmonton’s inner city communities and realized that the medical profession needed to do more to help people dealing with addictions, mental issues, and unstable housing or poverty.

It’s obvious that we will help someone coming to the Emergency Department for a broken arm, but what if they broke their arm because of addiction or homelessness? Helping someone deal with the issues that caused that broken arm will ultimately help them more than just the trauma treatment. If the patient is returning to the Emergency Department due to complications arising from these issues, then taking the additional steps needed to address them will get them the help they need and also reduce the frequency of their repeat visits.

Research has shown that many patients seen at the Royal Alexandra Hospital’s busy Emergency Department could benefit from additional services and counseling that go beyond what is considered traditional Emergency Department medicine.

This spirit of innovation and improved care inspired the creation of our Inner City Health and Wellness Program: a 3-year pilot program that has become a part of the core services offered by the Royal Alexandra Hospital."

Dr. Kathryn Dong,

Director Inner City Health and Wellness

When ARCH team member Rob Gurney meets patients at the Royal Alexandra Hospital who are lonely, living on the streets, addicted, and have nowhere else to turn, he is in a unique position to help. Ten years ago, that situation was Rob’s reality.

Donors Helped Make it Possible

Over a three year period, individuals, companies, charitable foundations and community organizations pledged $4.25 million to support Inner City Health and aid the efforts of the multi-skilled team working to provide compassionate care to Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens through the ARCH (Addictions Recovery and Community Health) Clinic.
Donor dollars are also supporting on-going collaborations to educate healthcare providers, neighbouring service organizations, and inner city residents about health issues that affect them.

“The outpouring of generosity from all sectors of our community has meant a great deal to all of us. We will continue to provide a new approach to clinical care for this at-risk population, while also gathering data and compiling our research findings so that we can share results, new knowledge and best practices with other urban communities in Alberta.”

A Program With a Home

Strong and wide-ranging community partnerships have enabled the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation to gather pivotal endorsements, which Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services considered when they committed to fund the ongoing operations of the ARCH Clinic – one of the key objectives at the outset of this pilot-project.

“They’ve been an incredible help to me. They helped me find confidence in myself. They’re almost like family to me now.” – Al Pipke

"I’ve changed quite a bit since ARCH has helped me – big time. I’ve got clean clothes every day, I’ve got a bed, I’ve got a TV, I’ve got oxygen. I’ve got everything I need – everything."

Community Support

Thanks to the generous support of the community, the ARCH clinic is having a definite impact on the health of our community. Thank you for your support of the Inner City Health and Wellness Program at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.


Edmonton Community Foundation
Margaret Ann Hunter
Marjorie Oliver
The Robbins Foundation Canada
The Stollery Charitable Foundation


Gordon & Diane Buchanan Family Foundation
The La Bruyère Fund
Canadian Western Bank
Dilys Gertrude Mitchell
Chris and Chrstine Ambrozic
Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life
Martin Harris Foundation
L. Jean Coglon
Associated Engineering Group Ltd.
Stuart Olson Inc.
Imperial Equities Inc.
Dr. Curtis and Tami Johnston
Cal and Edna Nichols
Petrin Mechanical Ltd.
RGG Management Ltd.
Donald Robert Cleland Rowat
Bruce Sembaliuk
Ed W. Stahl - Stahl Peterbilt


Dr. Richard and Maureen Arnold
Jane Batty
Butler Family Foundation
Dwight Byron
Michael Chevalier
Edmonton Kenworth Ltd.
Edmonton Public Teachers Charity Trust Fund
Fogolar Furlan D' Edmonton
Gail and Barry Giffen
Dr. Leah Gramlich
Steven and Elizabeth Gulacsi
Adrian and Rosalie Karpluk
Jerry and Arlene Kavanagh 
Dr. Thomas and Melanie Nakatsui
Dr. Nelson Nix
Andrew and Meeka Otway
Jackie Pennock Family Foundation
Douglas and Cathie Pratt
Lois and Mike Stefaniuk
Trusted Innovators Inc.

Inner City Health and Wellness Campaign Donors

Your support of the Inner City Health and Wellness Program has resulted in many benefits, both in dollars saved by avoiding repeat Emergency Department visits and hospital stays, and in better and healthier lifestyles for our patients.

The Inner City Health and Wellness Program's ARCH Clinic was recently featured on Road to Hope on Shaw TV Edmonton. Watch the story below.

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