COVID-19. Our frontline providers need your support.


We’re calling upon our community to continue to help care providers at the Royal Alex.

The Royal Alex, truly a powerhouse provider of patient care—serving upwards of half a million people each year from a geographic landmass covering a third of Canada—is a hard-working hospital that’s home to many medical centres of excellence like the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, CK Hui Heart Centre, and the Eye Institute of Alberta. We have the largest surgical program in the province and we’re home to two robotic surgical systems that completely change the trajectory of care for patients every day.

As large and as highly capable as the Royal Alex is—it is also a hospital that is under the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic—not just in the ICUs where our most critically ill patients are cared for—but in every inpatient care unit.

Will you help us ensure our staff and patients have the supplies and support they need by making a gift today?

One thing becomes clear when Albertans face adversity, we come together in support and solidarity. Our foundation is seeking donors to support the priority needs of our hospital in the care of patients during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Eight months in, the COVID-19 Pandemic has not loosened its grip, and for our hospital staff, the workload increases as does our understanding of the virus. This is no time for letting up.

In practical terms, this means screening at all entrances, sometimes upwards of 3,500 people in a single day. It’s executing navigation services to ensure safety on the campus. It’s donning and doffing, over and over, taking more time to complete the day's work and the severe exhaustion associated with this process.

It’s comforting and caring and triaging, knowing that tomorrow’s intake may be heavier than today. It’s finding a safe space to rest—even briefly to have a quick sandwich.

The community’s support is a huge morale boost for our hospital staff and at no time has that been more important than now, especially for the frontline care providers.

The response underscores both the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, and the community’s support for local healthcare workers and those especially vulnerable to the virus.

Donors continue to help our health care teams get through this—and this is when we learn that whether we give a little or a lot, it all makes a difference.

Giving to the Royal Alex and helping our hospital in its response to COVID promotes cooperation and social connection and strengthens our ties with each other.

When we give to others, or to an organization, we feel closer to it, and we build an affinity to cause and a better understanding of how we can make a difference in the lives of others.

And as we continue with our work, we have the fundamental hope that, despite some of our toughest days, whether they are behind us or are still ahead us, it is our continued capacity to have concern and to truly care for others is very much alive and well.

Please give generously today!