About the CK Hui Heart Centre

Innovation and passion for cardiac care

The CK Hui Heart Centre is the latest chapter in a long and celebrated history of cardiology at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

The CK Hui Heart Centre specializes in the non-surgical treatment of coronary artery disease, as well as interventional cardiology. Ten years ago, this was considered a new field in cardiac care, and the Royal Alexandra Hospital established itself as a leader in this area. However, its pedigree goes back much further.

For more than 50 years, the cardiology team at the Royal Alexandra Hospital has prided themselves on advancing the science of cardiology through innovative and sometimes ground-breaking procedures and treatments. Things that were once considered risky or even radical are now accepted as standard procedure for cardiac patients across Canada, thanks in part to the adoption of innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology.

The CK Hui Heart Centre has acquired an international reputation in the field of interventional cardiology. For almost a decade, physicians from around the world have been coming to Royal Alexandra Hospital to study the latest advances in the field.

While innovation and modern medical equipment have become hallmarks of the CK Hui Heart Centre, the committment to expert and compassionate patient care is what makes the Centre so special. From nurses to surgeons, the CK Hui Heart Centre team provides  excellent care to the thousands of patients who seek treatment there.

The CK Hui Heart Centre was named after Chun Keung Hui, the father of Dr. William Hui, former Chief of Cardiology at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. CK's ambition as a young man was to pursue a career in medicine. He enrolled at the University of Hong Kong Medical School, but had to discontinue his studies to assist with the family business. CK's love of medicine translated into support for his son William, who enthusiastically adpoted his father's dream and made it his own.

The CK Hui Heart Centre was opened in May 2011, consolidating all cardiac care under one roof at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. The combination of Cardiac Care Units, Catheter Labs, and patient care areas take up approximately 50,000 square feet, the size of a Canadian football field.

Community support has helped the CK Hui Heart Centre establish itself as a leader in cardiology in Western Canada.

"The CK Hui Heart Centre recently ranked among the top performers in the country in the 2017 Cardiac Care Quality Indicators Report for each outcome they were evaluated on. Donors to the CK Hui have contributed to these outstanding outcomes through the purchases of cutting-edge equipment.” Dr. Neil Brass, Chief of Cardiology

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