• 60,000

    Square feet of consolidated cardiac care

  • 6,000

    Cardiac procedures in 2014

  • 479

    Pacemaker implants in 2016

  • 2

    Cardiac catheter labs

CK Hui Heart Centre

The CK Hui Heart Centre is the latest chapter in a celebrated history of expert cardiac care at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Cardiologists at the Royal Alex have built an international reputation for their expertise in angioplasty and device implantation, two of the most innovative and fastest evolving forms of treatment for cardiac disease and disorders.

Alongside innovative treatment options for patients, the CK Hui Heart Centre is also taking a decisive role in the education and prevention of heart disease as well as important research and clinical trials.

When you consider how many people's lives have been affected by heart disease, it's no surprise that many people choose to support the CK Hui Heart Centre. Lives have been saved and families kept whole by the expert and compassionate care offered by the skilled cardiology team who call the CK Hui Heart Centre home.

For 50 years, the Royal Alexandra Hospital has been leading the way in innovative and life-changing cardiac care. Thanks to excellent community support, the CK Hui Heart Centre is now one of the leaders in cardiac care in Western Canada, helping patients receive the very best that cardiology has to offer.

Did You Know

Heart disease is the number one killer of Canadians, affecting the lives of more men, women and children than all cancers combined. The staff of the CK Hui Heart Centre is at the leading edge of diagnosis and minimally-invasive treatment of heart disease.

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