Addiction and Mental Health Access 24/7 Clinic

If you or someone you know needs support please call 780-424-2424 any time, any day of the year.

June 17, 2020, marked the one year anniversary of doors opening at Access 24/7 Mental Health and Addiction Services. The Mental Health Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation are truly grateful for your support in improving access and compassionate care for Edmonton's communities.

Statistics say that mental illness indirectly affects all Canadians at some time through a family member, friend or colleague. What if that person is someone you love? In any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. What if that person is you? 

Previously, when an individual was seeking addiction or mental health support in Edmonton, there were many doors to walk through, and many incredible services to choose from, but it was difficult for patients to determine which door was the right door to walk through for help. 

All of that has now changed with the opening of the Addiction & Mental Health Access 24/7 clinic thanks largely in part to donors of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. Donors have allowed for the creation of a new single access point for addiction and mental health services in the Edmonton Zone to become a reality.

But the need for funding doesn't stop here!

In its first year of operation, the centre fielded more than 72,790 calls to the call centre and provided more than 67,2oo appointments. The need for the clinic is clear.

Addiction and Mental Health (AMH) Access 24/7 has consolidated close to one hundred community access points into one front door where patients and families have streamlined access to multiple services, making it easier for patients to navigate the system.

Yes, the doors to the clinic are now open, but the need for donor support doesn’t stop here. The clinic requires multiple peer and family support workers.  These positions will ensure someone is always available who understands what a patient is going through, and can say “I’ve been there too, and I get it”. This shared experience approach to mental health care will enhance both the patient and family care experience in the clinic and increase the likelihood of positive patient outcomes. 

We’re asking for your help today to create the opportunity to offer these important and critical support workers to the patients and families who need them most. What a profound difference offering this next-level care will make to patients who are desperate for help, and who need a clear pathway to find the right treatment.

AMH Access 24/7 is located across the street from the Royal Alexandra Hospital’s Emergency Department in Anderson Hall. If you or someone you know needs support please come in or call 780-424-2424 any time, any day of the year.  

Please note that your data may be shared with the Mental Health Foundation due to our partnership for this campaign. Please contact our Privacy Officer at (780) 735-4723 if you have any questions.

Your support will mean improved patient and family outcomes.

This centralized and integrated intake location offers one door of entry for mental health support to all residents of Edmonton, the surrounding communities, and even beyond. The AMH Access 24/7 also provides telephone support, in-person assessment, crisis outreach, and patient stabilization at any time of day or night.

Imagine the life-saving help your support will provide.

Help us provide the highest level of mental health care to the patients who need it most.One door, one phone call, one place for help.

We are proud to share the impact your generosity has made over the past year.