The CK Hui Heart Centre

CK Hui Heart Centre

The CK Hui Heart Centre is the latest chapter in a celebrated history of expert cardiac care at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Since its creation in the 1960s, the cardiology department at the Royal Alexandra Hospital has set national and international medical precedents. By advancing the science of cardiology, these doctors have expanded treatment options and improved patient care, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadian men and women.

The CK Hui Heart Centre has created new opportunities for research and clinical trials, and has embarked on important programs such as the Multicultural Heart Health Program to take expert and compassionate cardiac care at the Royal Alexandra Hospital into the future.

Cardiologists at the Royal Alexandra Hospital have built an international reputation for their expertise in angioplasty and device implantation, two of the most innovative and fastest evolving forms of treatment for cardiac disease and disorders. Alongside innovative treatment options for patients, the CK Hui Heart Centre is also taking a decisive role in the education and prevention of heart disease.

The CK Hui Heart Centre and its clinical services consolidate all cardiac care facilities at the Royal Alexandra Hospital on the main floor of the Robbins Pavilion, within 60,000 square feet of space (approximately the size of a Canadian football field).

Primary components include:

  • Coronary Care Unit, operating 14 beds;
  • Inpatient unit, operating 32 beds;
  • Two Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories with provision for addition of another two;
  • Ambulatory care clinics such as the Pacemaker clinic, Arrhythmia clinic and the Heart Function Stabilization clinic;
  • Improved space for ongoing clinical cardiology research trials;
  • Enhanced patient care for more than 50,000 people each year from the Edmonton region, Central and Northern Alberta and Canada's Northern Territories.

Cardiologists at the Royal Alexandra Hospital

Dr. Randy Williams (Chief of Cardiology)
Dr. Neil Brass
Dr. Michael Chan
Dr. Po Kee Cheung
Dr. Micha Dorsch
Dr. Ted Fenske
Dr. William Hui
Dr. Alan Jones
Dr. George Kubac
Dr. Zaheer Lakhani
Dr. Raymond Leung
Dr. Evan Lockwood
Dr. Kenneth O'Reilly
Dr. Keysun Ranjbar
Dr. Sudheer Sharma
Dr. Tal Talibi
Dr. Ben Tyrrell
Dr. Nazneem Wahab

Dr. Sajad Gulamhusein
Dr. W.R. Black (Semi-Retired)